More possible good news for LR football

Parkview Coach Scotty Thurman is open to letting guys play football.

2022 guard Cameron Wallace is considering playing football. He’s a promising prospect for basketball. He’s 6-5, 200 as of now. Will be interesting to see what happens.

There have been some recent basketball players at PV that would’ve been highly recruited in football if they chose to play.

Forward Airion Simmons, who’s a freshman at Abilene Christain, could’ve been a heck of TE or DE.

Caleb Stokes could’ve been an outstanding OT.

Whatever happened to Stokes Senor RD?

Think he went JC.

I remember about 5 or so years ago Parkview had a guy on their team who was probably 6-7 280, a big kid, who looked like a Left Tackle, but was only playing basketball. Seemed like a waste of talent, he was very athletic. It was when Garland was a senior I believe, that PV team was loaded.

Does Parkview have a good football coach?

Parkview’s coach is Brad Bolding. He’s a good coach who built up North Little Rock’s program previously. When NLR was putting out a lot of prospects (Altee Tenpenny, Juan Day, K.J. Hill, etc.) about 5-10 years ago, Bolding was the head coach. You’re starting to see Parkview have some D1 recruits again since he was hired there.

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Brad will get Parkview rolling. I’m guessing there is plenty of talent walking those hallways that Brad will get on the football field.

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