More online weirdness

I have two laptops. The one I normally hook up to my TV just could not handle the ESPN+ stream of the UCA basketball game. I kept getting “We are unable to play this video at the moment. Please try again later” messages. However, I was able to watch the stream just fine on the other laptop, with no lagging or other problems. So I just did that.

Then there was the live stats link on the UA app and website. Or should I say there wasn’t. You clicked the link on either one, it gave you the live stats from the Penn game on Sunday.

Get a roku stick for $30 and save yourself the headache. If you have espn plus you would have watched both games and not needed any app other than ESPN

A Roku stick didn’t matter. I’ve watched hundreds of games that way,

Besides I’m about to get a whole new TV. The one I have is literally borrowed from my girlfriend, it’s a cheap Westinghouse with bad picture and worse sound.

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