More on the uniforms

I talked with Jake Rosch this afternoon about the uniforms. He is the equipment director for the football team.

Here are his thoughts: … hs-making/

Maybe I’m showing my age here, but I don’t consider something we wore only 14-15 years ago as “throwback.” Got to go 50+ years to be throwback–at least in my mind.

It’s a matter of perspective, I guess. Fourteen years are a long time, no matter how old you are. I think of the truck I was driving, the technology I was using, clothes I was wearing, etc., in 2005. Those would all be throwbacks today.

Why does it take so long to get a uniform printed I don’t get it???

Nike is the manufacturer for no telling how many thousands of professional, college, high school and other teams in dozens of sports worldwide. I’m sure there is a backlog like we can’t even imagine.

I remember when Arkansas’ baseball uniforms were ruined at Georgia last year, I was told that a rush order from Nike to replace them would take months to receive.

obviously must be why…I never dreamed it would be that big of deal.

That Georgia baseball series ended on May 19th, so the uniforms would have been ruined after the May 17 or 18 games. Our last game in Omaha was June 28. Almost six weeks later and they couldn’t get us unis.

They have to get Kaepernick’s approval.

Well, Matt, when you say, “Fourteen years are a long time, no matter how old you are,” you’re showing you’re just not old enough to think 14 years is no time at all. However, I agree some things become “throwbacks” faster than other things. A 14 year old cell phone is certainly a throwback. And certainly a lot of clothing styles come & go, but I have ties that are 14 years old I still wear. I’d have 14 year old suits I’d wear, too, if they hadn’t shrunk around the waist while hanging in the closets.

A good tie never goes out of style.