More on the possible end of one and done

College coaches apparently will be included in the discussion, which is a good thing IMO.

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I think something like in baseball might work. You can go straight out of high school but if you go college then you stay 2 years. If they stay longer they would not be in the same position of the college baseball players in that they would not lose “Bargaining” power because the draft spots are pretty much slotted at a pay level anyway.

The baseball rule is three years. The only ones who can come out after two years are who have 21st birthdays within 45 days of the draft.

The main reason one and done is there because NBA decided they did not want players jumping from high school straight to NBA. I don’t see NBA going back to that.

Yes, but there are other places high schools athletes can go after being drafted; make a little money for a year or two of seasoning and then come back to the NBA.

i suspect the disdain for Calipari will be an influence to make many want to take away One and Done.

Yeah, we’ll get to see if he can build a real program again.

But, with the recruiting spiel the guy has, he could probably still sign them up with the promise of glory after two years on campus.

The NBA created this problem. I’m not sure there’s much the colleges can do to stop it unless the NBA is on board with it. About the only thing I can think of the NCAA could do is count scholarships against schools who lose a “one & done.” If a kid leaves after one or even two years, the NCAA could count him against the scholarship roster until he would have completed a junior year. That might discourage coaches from recruiting those kids who are almost certain to turn pro immediately. I doubt such a proposal would pass, but it’d return college athletics to a bit more of a traditional amateur format.

Same rule as baseball !

There should be no restrictions on the players. Scholarships are issued on a year to year basis. Therefore, any rule penalizing the college or the player for leaving after one year is a violation of the one year contract and is flat out wrong.

Rather than attend college, the players should earn money playing in the European league for a year or more until they get drafted by the NBA. They are not in college for an education, nor do they receive an education.

Calapari plan is to Coach at Lexington until his son Brad Calapari graduates​. Essentially 2 more yrs. Then he’ll either take a break or retire.

Wouldn’t it be our luck to get a guy like Reggie Perry with the talent to possibly be a one and done, then the rule changes his senior year?

Here is another article on the possible changes. Frank Martin sure isn’t afraid to share his thoughts: … ig-issues/

The one & done went into effect the year the highest rated recruit we ever signed Al Jefferson got drafted #15 straight out of H.S. by the Boston Celtics.

We need the pendulum to swing our way for once!