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Louisville has also let more Assistants Coaches go. Petrino and the first aasssitant and 2 or 3 more. The “U” is involved just no arrest yet! The player in Question there has since commuted to the Tar Heels.
Of course Greaseball “Cal” has come out and gave his take on changes that need to be done to pay student athletes. He is as guilty as anybody else.
Still no suspensions at Auburn!
I wouldn’t be suprise to see another 20 arrest in the next month. That’s just based on what has already been put out. I still wonder why no staff member has been arrested in Miami.

More on Oklahoma State.

It will get pretty bad before it’s over. I just hope at some point they enforce the law!

Commissioner statement. Should’ve been done years ago. … basketball

I believe they are blowing smoke. The Tar Heels have been under investigation for academic fraud for several years and they’ve done nothing.
Coaches like Greaseball “Cal” at Kentucky ,Pearl at Auburn and Mr. UCLA at Mississippi State would be out of business.
Furthermore Pittino would have been done when he was a charting assistant at Hawaii

Sure I’d like to see them do things in an ethical way but I have faced the fact that college athletics is all about money!

The NCAA needs to report illegal activity to the law enforcement. Of course that flawed as well or Whinston would have went to jail instead of the NFL! Scam Newton would have been an after thought as well.

Our hogs may get beat but I can live with that and have some respect for our program! I don’t want any cheating for us to win.

Yes if we lose let it be on a level playing field…

This is a good read. … vesti.html

Auburn Athletic department has been subpoenaed by the FBI

Also the Tar Heels are set to receive their punishment from the NCAA for the academic fraud scandal tomorrow.

The committee they have assembled is half empty when it comes to knowledge of college basketball. I have little confidence in the NCAA coming up with solutions to fix anything. Bottom line when you catch a coach cheating they may get a 3 years time out once. But never the second time.
Greaseball has left 2 programs on probation and now all of a sudden he is the poster boy of college basketball. Man how does that really look! Bruce Pearl finally got his first chance after lying to the NCAA and now finds himself surrounded at Auburn by a black cloud. I just wonder will he get caught and taken down.
Part of the solution is to make it know once your caught cheating you’ve done no more coaching of being involved with college athletics. Period.
There’s been several times in the past few years players should have gone to jail. Instead lawyers, and judges that are alumni have failed to bring charges for the sake of thier school. Coaches have stood up for the unethical conduct of these players. Then schools pay off the victims once players complete their playing days.
What type of example does that set.
I’m just proud that don’t fly on the hill!