More on the Blue shirts...

Coach B talked about how he could only take blue shirts if he had not been in their school recruiting another kiid.

He didn’t go to Fayetteville - so he could use the rule for Clary

He didn’t go to Pulaski Academy - so he could add Henry

He didn’t go to Hutch CC - so he could add Richardson

He thinks they may close that loophole soon … -state.htm

If we don’t add a transfer before the start of fall practice, can one of these be reclassified to 2017 and free up an additional spot next year?

No and they have no plans to.

Coach B did say today there was a way he could add 3-4 more before the season, not just right now.

I think DE-OLB Michael Epley may end up walking on. He can’t be a blue shirt because he came on an official visit.

And it sounds like they have several graduate transfers that have contacted them

Not to start a fight, I find it very intriguing he didn’t go to FHS.

I’m fairly sure this is during the Contact Period only. This also includes the nine assistant coaches.