More on PixMob

I was curious to find out how PixMob works and how it will be used during tomorrow’s game. Here is my story: … s-oklahom/

I watched the preview; it’s going to be fantastic. Do we have to pay for it? How much?

The ticket buyers aren’t paying for it, if that is what you are asking. The university is paying for it out of the promotions budget. I was told it was a low entry point for obtaining their work, but I wasn’t given an exact figure.

Thanks. Got it.

I thought it looked great when ESPN2 came in during the Hog pregame intros, but my girlfriend, who is prone to seizures, said she wouldn’t last 30 seconds with PixMob in operation until she’d have one. And epilepsy of some form is not exactly an uncommon disorder.

They made multiple announcements before the game warning people who are prone to seizures.

Wise move