More on naming rights for facilities

The discussion on sponsor naming rights for Razorback Stadium got me thinking.

We already have campus facilities named for George Cole, John Barnhill, and Frank Broyles. What could we name other campus facilities to remember other football coaches?

My ideas:

The Lou Holtz Center for Improv Comedy

Ken Hatfield Chapel (I know, we are a secular University, so we don’t have a chapel, but, anyway…)

Jack Crowe Institute for Serendipity Studies

Danny Ford Scientific Rocket Laboratory

The Houston Nutt Greek Theater

Bobby Petrino Parking Garage (Motorcycles Only)

John L Smith and Chad Morris Sanitarion Facility

Bret Bielema Lounge

Sam Pittman Redemption Center

Fund Drive to start soon


Great list!

I might recommend the Chad Morris Traffic Circle.

Left lane, same play, around and around… :smile:

I would name the volleyball court after Bobby Petrino.



Hammer Down Traffic Circle

And a ditch somewhere.

As far as Hatfield goes, it’s getting to the point that I associate him more with Harp’s supermarkets than Razorback football.

Every time, I visit Madison County and drive from St. Paul to Fayetteville, I always point out to my family the Bobby Petrino Landing Site. They should erect a historical marker there!

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Can we add Jeff Long to the list? He needs a monument on campus even though, like him, probably nowhere to be found.

I would make it a dead end rather than a circle

An erection there is what caused the crash.


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