More on Hollan's outing

Hunter Hollan was named SEC pitcher of the week today. I wrote some more on the performance with some insights Matt Hobbs gave me about Hollan earlier in the week.


I love his attitude! He’s the kind of guy you have to be able to pitch in the SEC. There are six or seven not good but great lineups you’re going to be facing every year and if you’re afraid of that …you in the wrong League…

I thought he was fantastic with this inside and outside pitches yesterday that confuses The hitter and they don’t know where it’s the ball is going to be coming.

Hopefully him and Hagen can continue to get even better combined with Brady looking sharper every week we have a chance to battle everybody in the country provide our offense can get back to hitting the way they are capable


Maybe that depth so talked about early is coming through at the most opportune time.

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Adversity will always reveal character and we have had some young kids have to grow up real quick that normally would not have to