More on DE offer Jaqualin McGhee

I’m very familiar with the team they always have great athletes have coached against them before. Very tough very physical teams.

Yes it would be great to establish a pipeline to that school. They’ve turned out a lot of great players over the years.

The OL mentioned is a big fan of UT right now. I don’t buy the pipeline term and find it amusing to believe a kid will not come to his own independent evaluation and decision. Coaches more welcome on campus? probably good but not a deal maker or breaker. It still comes down to PT.

Kids in the NFL from GA:

current kids:

Liking this guy more and more.

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You think we have a good shot to get him Richard?

Kids make their own decisions, but as we have learned over the years, if they have friends or teammates already here, it is one of the factors that plays a part in the final decision.

Dudley do we have someone on our team he is close to?

Not that I am aware of at this time.

Yes I do.

Sounds good! Thanks

Who is the main competition - K State? Any other SEC schools considering a late offer?