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Nutt always won above his recruiting level. It wasn’t just in-state guys. It was Butu, Shepard, Bua, the out-of-state guys who were unheralded as recruits but were solid players for the program.

Petrino did the same thing. Everyone points to the skilled offensive players, but I remember Jerico Nelson and Ross Rasner as two players critical to UA’s success who were not elite recruits. Yes, Nelson was a 4-star recruit…as a RB, originally committed to Purdue. He was not a high-major 4-star guy, and it took Petrino seeing him as a hybrid SS/OLB. Rasner = same role.

There are five defensive players better than what we had on the field the last three years (with apologies to Kam Curl, who is the one defensive player the last couple of years who truly looked like an SEC player, capable of competing for PT with the 10+ win programs in the conference).

Two others: Deatrich Wise and Trey Flowers. They had the frame to grow into SEC-level players. They had a great position coach. Both were 3-star guys.

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We can use anyone across the board that has potential down the road to help. Lots of rebuilding to do and we need depth everywhere.

The NFL is slam full of people who come from small colleges who are overlooked…Howie Long was one of the greatest defensive lineman and he came from freaking Villanova!
This kid has very good athletic ability that’s something you can’t teach ,once you get him you have to coach how to play Technique, learn the scheme and hopefully he already comes with a bad attitude you throw all those together and you got a heck of a defensive player

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Arkansas will have to fill the class with under rated guys and hope they develop like other guys that weren’t highly recruited.

Yep crap shoot / hoping for Buas, Oljabutus and Not DeAndre Bryants, Josh Paul’s, etc.

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Yeah, you have a lot more variability with those guys. But, you chase measurables (can’t coach length and height or speed) and hope that the “play fast, play hard” on film comes to UA with them. I like that “reach” far better than 5-10 x 195 safeties we hope to bulk up into LBs.

Agree on this

I’m way more familiar with a 4-3 than a 3-4 in terms of what you are looking for at those positions, and I don’t really know all that much about a 4-3, which tells you I’m pretty clueless at a 3-4. I assume you would need pretty good size on the line, since you’ve only got 3 down for the run game. Is 250 ideal at that spot, or would he be better suited at one of the middle linebacker spots (I’m assuming he’ll be 250 4.7). I guess I’m also assuming he plays next year. If it’s development then who knows how he’ll look in 3 years, right?

Interesting, given the % of players in the NFL that were overlooked.

How many three star Arkansas signees are in the NFL as compared to Arkansas three star signees that are not.

How many Arkansas signees without another P5 offer are in the NFL?

Statistically, there should be a boatload of 3-stars that don’t make it. Development matters, else every NFL roster would be filled with the 5-star recruits from 4-5 years earlier. And, the players from non-P5 schools would never make the NFL.

I get the argument, but find it logistically flawed.

I do support Jackson’s notion (I am reading between the lines here) that in a perfect world UA is signing a bunch of ready-to-go 4- and 5-star players who proved themselves at combines and camps for 2-3 summers prior to signing, not just appearing on film their senior year. But, until we are able to recruit those players for 2-3 years just like the big dogs we have to be willing to find the other players. Here, we are chasing a kid with a load of upside. It is better than chasing a 5x11 x 240 kid as a NG, methinks.

You are reading correctly… but 2-10 and 2-10 does not lend itself to that.

Thus, we must hope this staff evaluates and develops well enough to get us back to respectability and minor bowl games.

Baby steps.

I read an article on The Athletic last night about Dabo Swinney’s recruiting methods. He said he sometimes took heat among the fan base for signing some lower-rated kids, but it didn’t matter. His point was pretty simple: if he and his staff believes a kid can help them win, it makes no difference what anyone else thinks or how many stars the kid has.