More official visits coming for recruits

This new rule starts July 1.

Official visits

The council adopted new recruiting rules for official and unofficial visits. Moving forward, prospects will no longer have a limit to the number of official visits they can make to NCAA member schools. Prospects will be limited to one official visit per school, unless there is a head coaching change after an official visit, in which case prospects would be able to complete a second official visit to the same school. In men’s basketball, prospects still will be able to complete a second official visit to the same school provided the visits do not occur in the same academic year.
“For young people considering where to go to college, visits to campus — both official and unofficial — are an integral part of the decision-making process,” Tealer said. "This was an opportunity to modernize NCAA rules in a way that provides greater and more meaningful opportunities for prospects going through the recruitment process.”

Official visits may last no longer than a two-night stay, during which schools will be permitted to cover travel costs, transportation, meals and reasonable entertainment for up to two family members accompanying a prospect on that visit.

Richard, do you think this is a good thing for Arkansas?

Does it make the already insanely busy schedule for coaches even busier? Recruiting is pretty much 24/7/365 now as it is.

I think it could. Especially for guys who mainly focus on Ohio State, Bama, Georgia and other high profile schools because a lot of them fill their OVs with those type of schools. Now Arkansas has a chance to get them on campus.

I think schools will be selective with who they bring on campus because some kids will try and just have fun at the expense of schools. I can see this hurting mid-majors because they don’t have the budgets to have unlimited visits.

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