More Muss after the Tech game


He certainly wears his emotions on his sleeve, up or down

I love it


I was in that balcony above the basket where a lot of our fans were. For reasons I don’t know, but really enjoyed, my tickets were located right among the student section. It was a blast, even when the cops and security came up there and told us to calm down. They told the students, and us old farts mixed in with them, that we were being “unruly”


Calm down!? This isn’t golf they just jealous we got muss!! Lol


It was touch and go for a few minutes that the security was going to eject several students. I sat right beside them, they were just being rowdy fans, like they’re supposed to be. The security folks were being totally over zealous. Maybe because of Covid precautions, but everybody had on their masks. I applauded the kids, they were doing nothing wrong. We had way more fans and made way more noise than Tech fans


What do they mean,“Calm Down?” This is college basketball on the big stage. It is not a church service. We want them to make all the noise they can. Wonder what they would have done if we could have had our full contingent of Razorbacks there? Calm Down my rear!


Wow. You serious? That’s insane


I’m reminded of going to a German soccer match. The drunks behind the goal stand up the whole match, but if you’re sitting on the sideline and stand up, you get invited to leave. As I almost found out. Someone warned me before the ushers got to me.

Yes, they were given a pretty stern warning during pregame warmups. I was sitting right beside them in the behind the basket balcony that basically feels like it’s hanging over the baseline. The Tech players were doing their pregame shoot around (before the real warmup starts), about 45 minutes before the game. The students immediately targeted selected Tech players and were giving them pretty funny verbal trashing. I thought it was pretty funny, they were really getting in the ears of the Tech players, enough that some were looking up at them. The proximity to the court was what made it especially strategic, even more so than the usual court side seats the students have. You felt like you were basically looking down on the heads from about 20 feet away. So the usher comes over and acts like he’s giving calming advice, but he just won’t let it go. He stays for probably 15 minutes, sounding more stern as he keeps talking. I thought to myself “what was that all about?”, it’s a student group. Then in the 2nd half, we make our run, the students are really getting into it, the rest of us non-students as well. The police now show up, with this usher, who is reminding the kids (and security) that he had warned them before the game. Talk about a distraction to our section while a tense game is going on. After 10-15 minutes of discussion between the usher, the police, and the students, I look over and see students being made to leave their seats! I thought “this can’t be happening!”, for one thing it was not fair, they were just being rowdy in a good way, and for another, there goes our loudest fans out of the arena. It turns out they just moved them back a few rows, and separated them out more, but that was so unnecessary. I got scolded by the police as well, for good measure. I was told to quit leaning on the guard rail, I had a seat on the first row up there, so I had a great few that was even better when I leaned over the rail some. Butler needed to cool it just a little.


This needs to be on the Paul finebaum show!!!

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Invite the heavy boots gang to visit the Bud next year.
Put a uniform on some people and their imagination becomes inflamed with powerful one-upmanship. Perhaps they are uncomfortable with SEC fans and their, “It Just Means More” mindset. I can see where we might get on other peoples nerves. Maybe its intentional.

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Sounds like those arena security guards and police got their p/t jobs confused between march madness & working at the library.


Great tweet Richard!

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I can see it from Tech’s prospective, all of the Hog crowd was busy being fans while the TT team was busy losing.

Tech had fans there that were determined to make noise, but we swamped them in numbers and in volume. The sections that I thought were exclusively Tech people were actually infiltrated with a lot of Hog fans as well

Get em rd!!! WPS!

I was thinking about this since I heard about the usher/ security and fans interaction.

Arkansas fans can be on another level while cheering on their team. I think the passion of the Hog fans scared or intimidated the people at the arena.

I was talking to a parent of a player today and the parent mentioned this too. This parent didn’t witness anything that was worthy of the authorities intervening.


Hopefully the team was addressed abt this. We are 100% behind them and will be us hog fans!! WPS!!

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Just reinforces a great recruiting tool(s).
Fired up intelligent coach who loves the players & fans.
Fired up Hog Fans who love both!!!

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