More Maleek Please

Thought in this game with limited carries he was our best back. Seems to be our most physical runner. About 10 more carries in this game he would have broke a long one. Not sure about other games on our schedule but this one he was definitely the better back. Think we are going to struggle in our running game until we figure out a rotation that works. Maleek reminds me alot of Rawleigh Williams .

I like Maleek a lot too

I like Maleek too …I also like our coaches who have been through spring, fall, and ongoing practices…I am confident and satisfied they know who should be playing :sunglasses:

Yes, definitely more Maleek.

They also named Cole Kelly the starter…coaches can misevaluate too no one is above reproach

Maleek does not seem to need as much of an opening as the other backs. He just sticks his nose up in there and drives. He reminds me of that other Williams. The one who was our best back last year. He may be the one who is best suited to run behind a weak O-line.

Not to be contrarian, but I think any of our backs will look good with decent blocking…and probably none will look decent if blocking doesn’t improve. Alot. We don’t have a Barry Sanders, make something totally out of nothing type on our squad I’m afraid. Not many do.

That said Maleek looked good. It will be a challenge keeping all these backs happy.

This. It’s good to know we can make someone pay if they stuff the box to stop the run. But teams in the SEC may be able to shut down the run without stuffing the box if we don’t block better.

I thought Boyd looked good but OL has to get way more physical to run the ball in this league.we were very vanilla in our run calls but against EI we should have been able to get a hat on hat and 3-4 yds pretty much every time.

I thnk we will run more of the outside game this week and that will stretch out the LB and make it easier inside

It’s not just blocking. We didn’t show a lot of motion. The absence of the threat of a jet sweep, the poor technique by our QBs in most of their fakes to the RB didn’t help any. With motion, with good faking technique, the linebackers and up safety must reassess our intentions. I think the EIU game was more of getting the feet wet. As the season progresses, I expect more plays to be installed. It is a bit disconcerting to think that they didn’t run those other plays because they weren’t fully installed, rather than because they weren’t needed to get the win. If they were not in the playbook, then that says that the offense just couldn’t process it well enough in the preseason. That could also have been because the reps were split fairly evenly with QBs and RBs. Having said all that, Maleek is a beast. Bringing him in fresh in the 2nd half might be just what we need to blow a close game open.

Maleek got to do his work against a tired, undertalented but well-coached defense which was waiting for the clock to run out. I really like having a hammer like Maleek against tired offenses, but running against a fresh defense in the first half is tougher. You want guys in those situations who have breakaway potential, and he has demonstrated less of that than either Whaley or Hayden, and it seems probable based on a very limited sample that Boyd has more suddenness.

Maleek & Boyd are both good compliments to what we already have, with a little more power.
But Just block & get a decent push up front & any of our backs will look good. Can’t expect it on every running play, but a couple plays a series would be nice.
Just reminiscing back to the Alex Collins days & how he waited for blocks (actual blocking) to develope.

Welcome to the MW bandwagon. By the way, he reminds me most of Michael Forrest from the Holtz era. Some of you here will remember him.

I’m not saying he’s an All-SEC back. Just that I believe his game transfers well to our team, and that he will be a solid contributor during the next 4 seasons. I think as he improves his understanding/execution of the “other” parts of a running back’s responsibilities (blocking, catching passes), he will see more time on the field.

I had expected more of the offense than what we saw. There was no motion, no reverses and no jet sweeps. Even Ty Storey said afterwards not much of the offense was used. He said we’ve got a lot more.

On Maleek, he has liabilities. He does not catch the ball very well. In limited viewing this fall, I saw a drop or two in every practice. He’ll have to improve that part of his game and his pass protection is that of a young back. He’s got that one aspect that some of the others don’t have: he can be his own blocker. He runs with force. I really like all of them. I think all will get their chance and it sure looks like they can survive injuries at this position and they will most definitely get injuries at running back. Every team does.