More Louisville Basketball problems

This is basically an article talking about the latest round of assistants getting fired at UL. Evidently
one of them decided he knew enough dirty laundry he tried to extort them to pay him the rest of his contract.

This got me to thinking. I wonder how many times at some of these schools that get in trouble and fire coaching staffs have to deal quietly or under the table with this type of thing. An ex-staff member telling them I want this much money to keep my mouth shut because I know where all the skeletons are buried.

Would not surprise me if that has happened a few times and they just get paid off to go away quietly.

Food for thought.


I saw this a few days ago. Crazy story. I remember him working on ESPN. I think he actually did a game or two of ours over the years. Definitely was in the studio at times for college basketball.

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