More likely Russians stole election or Refs stole game at UK?

Of course, neither are true. Hogs had 11 more fouls called because they committed 11 more obvious fouls than Kain-Tuck. I took off my hog-colored glasses on a second half slo-mo replay of the double-technicals to see Barford intentionally step on the Kentucky player who took a charge from Barford (explains why Barford got his technical in that double-whammy). JB was never the same and contributed zilch after losing his cool there, and that cost UA any chance of staying in the game. Plus, KY figured out Arkansas couldn’t score in the half court if the Cats just waited out the shot clock and denied Macon a lane for driving or a spot for shooting. End of Hog production on offense. Good thing Calipari starts over with a bunch of new freshman every year or it could’ve been worse tonight.

If Arkansas was able to do what Kentucky is doing the NCAA would put in another Arkansas rule, like they did when Nolan was win.

Well, you cannot prove either, but you can safely say refs tried to influence the game just like the Russians tried to influence election. You have to be in a Kentucky bubble to believe otherwise.

Hey, in my opinion, the only way to stop the Kentucky juggernaut (they have 5 - 5 star recruits committed next year) is to implement a rule like football that the kids have to stay in college for 3 years. Kentucky is the one and done school. If that were the case, big blue wouldn’t always have the scholarships available for all the elite talent.

Hey, if we had a good team of guys who’ve played 2-3 years of big time college ball (like UCLA), we might be able to stay on the court with Kentucky’s mostly 18 year olds. It should be embarrassing to other SEC Teams to lose to a team of “Fab Five Freshmen”, year after year. Good thing Kentucky’s freshmen missed 12 free throws or the loss would’ve been by 35. Good thing UK’s kiddos did NOT listen to their coach when he said, stop trying to steal the ball and block shots–just make Arkansas shoot jumpers, and they’ll miss more often". Second half, Hogs missed a lot of jump shots and got very few finishes at the basket. Story of game.


A “Keepin’ it real guy”, eh? Ha. I’m just an objective hog fan and UA alumn. So, you’re saying Alabama wins most of its FB games b/c refs try to influence the outcome? Or American voters in the heartland are easily swayed by pesky Ruskies to change their free vote? Hmmm. I can prove Kentucky would beat us 10 times out of 10 this year b/c Arkansas can’t stay with U.K. Guards on fast breaks or rebound with the longer Cats… and the Hogs can’t run an offense in the half court. Good refs, so-so refs or bad refs…doesn’t make a big difference. At the expense of stopping Monk, nobody bothered to run with De’Aron Fox or stop their 6’-9" forward from bombing open threes or stopping Briscoe’s dribble drive. Kids beating slower vets of the Hogs. That’s all.

I stopped reading when you said you didn’t think the Russians were trying to influence the election. I’m not going into politics here, but you do know both the CIA and FBI agreed on that, and it’s not just a conspiracy theory. Also, I think anybody that watched that game “objectively” saw the calls were favored on Kentucky’s side. I haven’t seen anybody say that’s the reason we lost, but refs definitely favored Kentucky and made some questionable calls that swayed the momentum.


Mic drop post here. Well said Notorious.

Officials and Russians conspired to give 72 Olympic Gold to the USSR. Still if we had put a better Olympic team on the court, it wouldn’t have mattered. Same with Dems. Kentucky put a better team on the court last night and didn’t need a lot of help. They got it anyway.

Obviously, you stopped reading during SRA comprehension tests in grade school. Never said the Russians didn’t try to influence election, and yes, you reveal your take on the election as Russian hacking or no Russians wouldn’t have swayed the actual vote, it was a change election. The Refs “swayed” momentum, or slower Arkansas kids who didn’t get back after missing jump shots to defend UK’s runout layups swayed the momentum in the 2nd half? Players and talent and a small bit of coaching were the difference. Not Refs. Speaking of hacking and grabbing, that’s how the Hogs committed most of our 31 fouls (too slow to guard Briscoe and Fox on dribble drives).

First off, chill out on the personal attacks, trust me you don’t want to go there. Keep it basketball related, I don’t even know why you brought the dumb Russian analogy on here, it wasn’t clever and all it has done is embarrass you and make people not even wanna read anything you say. And back to basketball, If you are a so called hog fan and feel like that about the team why are you even on here posting and wasting your time watching the games? Clearly somebody as objective and in-tune with Americans as you are has something better to do than watch a team that just hacks and grabs.

And this is my last response to you, I’ll let you believe what you believe in your “world of objectivity” and I’ll continue living in the real world.

Not interested in politics on this site at all so I will not comment about that!

I agree KY is much more talented than AR thats a no brainer. I am willing to bet they could probably easily beat us by 10 points, 5 out of 5 times. That being said I have to admit, last night was one of the worst officiated games I’ve ever watched. I am not saying that the officials intentionally tried to influence the outcome of the game, but I do believe it would have been a closer game had the officiating been better (however a lost is a lost). Off the top of my head I can point out at least 5 horrible calls.

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It is extremely rare for me to say anything about officiating, no matter how bad it might be. Usually when someone comments on officiating I kind of roll my eyes and think “here we go”. I just chalk it up as being “part of the game” and move on.

Having said that, the officiating Saturday night was beyond awful. There were so many ridiculous calls that I haven’t seen one of the worst calls mentioned on the board. Probably because there were so many others that were bad and it happened early in the game that people on here forgot about it. It was in the first half when Macon got possession of a loose ball not far from the end line. The Kentucky player clearly shoved him out of bounds but the official simply ruled that Macon was out of bounds (on his own) and gave the ball to Kentucky. Macon looked at the official as if he was in complete shock (and rightfully so). I about lost my mind as well and startled my wife and dog when I yelled at the TV. Anyway, did anyone else think that was a terrible call? I thought that call and the “walk” on Barford seconds after the ball had already gone through the net were two of the worst ones all night.

I’d forgot about that, you’re absolutely right, that was horrendous.

I completely forgot about that play. It was a bad no call, but I will say Macon tried a little too hard to sell it, he did get pushed, but he kinda added a little bit to it to try to sell the call. But, regardless it still should have been called because the Kentucky player still clearly pushed him. Like you said it was so many bad one’s we’re forgetting some. I read on another board a guy said he went back and reviewed the game and all the bad calls totaled up to us losing 27 points, not sure how true that it, but it’s interesting.