More info on Bryant

Just read where Malzahn and Porter, their tight ends coach, met w Bryant earlier today.

Ok, 247 in home today w Malzahn … 125879844/

Ok, 247 in home today w Malzahn … 125879844/ … 125879844/

* I dunno if this is necessarily bad…maybe Gus is begging :sunglasses:

Hearing Mizzou is pretty strong right now. Will be interesting to see if this can sway him.

Richard what is the appeal for Missouri he will have to learn a totally different offense. And all I’ve heard about the facilities is there very substandard I don’t get it

Auburn or Missouri will ups make the most sense if he’s looking at the potential talent that would be around him.

And when Missouri was announced as our permanent sec east opponent most here chalked it up as a win. We haven’t sniffed a victory and they might beat us out for Bryant. My how the mighty have fallen.

I get they are better than us, but I still just can’t stomach the Mizzou thing. Just such a horrible school, stadium, etc.

Maybe I am just jaded.

No I agree with you Jerry having to learn a totally new offense substandard facilities pukey black and gold uniforms would be the last place I would ever sign

Their best WR is also a Senior so he won’t be back!