More info coming out about Baylor/Briles

Story from the Wall Street Journal. … 8?mod=e2tw

can’t read it. not a subscriber. Anything new?

I don’t have the hyperlink but ESPN has a summary of the WSJ article. 4 of the victims were gang raped. I’m glad Briles is expressing remorse but he should do time for what he covered up. I would need an attorney if I found out some coach tried to cover up a gang rape of my daughter.

Investigation said Briles failed to alert police

Sorry . . . didn’t realize it was not available to everyone. I’m NOT a WSJ subscriber, and i was able to read. :?:

Thanks to Marty for posting an alternate link to essentially the same info.

I have never been able to read anything.linked from WSJ. Fortunately ESPN helped us out. Briles should never coach again

Briles should go to prison. He’s lucky some father doesn’t seek his own justice from his slimy A$$.

Baylor should be punished severely.