More Hog Fans Than at Baum?

I’m wondering if there were more Hog fans at TD Ameritrade park yesterday than the capacity at Baum…it sure looked that way on TV?

I’m almost certain there were. TDA holds more than twice as many fans & a good 75-80% there were hog fans. We can pack Baum to the brim & put more on top of the luxury suites & not manage to get 18-20k into it. There were that many hog fans there last night. (I’m sure some were locals cheering for the hogs, but still…)

Yes, I’d estimate Arkansas fans at 16k last night. Carson Shaddy said “our fans all want a piece of this and showed up.” Dom Fletcher said the outfield stands “were a constant roar, much louder than Baum.”

My estimate is 18K. There just weren’t many people who weren’t in red or orange. OSU people turned out, though, I’ll give them that. Omaha airport must have been interesting yesterday.

I might even go as high as 20,000 Arkansas fans.

It’s hard to tell from TV, but the commentators kept talking about it being a totally dominant UA crowd. From what I could see, it appeared to be a sea of red, although I saw a few orange shirts here & there. If there were 25k there, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 20k hogs. Heck, OSU’s stadium record was a little over 4k during the super regional. It’s hard to imagine they’d bring 1k more than that from Oregon to Omaha. Of course, our record is 11k+ but we’re only a 6-9 hour drive from almost anywhere in Ark & this is a big event for Hog fans. I’d be there if there were any way to do it.

I’d say there was 20,000 Hog fans inside TD Ameritrade last night. I hope it’s the same tonight.

I bet very few went home. Any that did are likely to be replaced by newcomers tonight.