More Hall at the 4 please

that is all.

Go Hogs!

Hall can score and plays tough D.

He needs to take his shot more IMO…

Or maybe Roosevelt Wallace, or Dwight Stewart…if we had a solid 4, we would be so much different.

If we had a 4, we could make a nice run in the big dance. The lack off a 4 really stood out today against the Vols. Those dudes are physical.

Hall=Mr. Energy

We had à decent if not highly physical 4 until this week.

We missed Dustin today.

We did miss Dustin. I hope he gets his head straight

Hall has the size, can drive, shoot and rebound. He is gaining good experience to cut down on mistakes. He’ll be great next year.

Well, if we are wishing for a 4, might as well wish for the best 4 in school history, Corliss. We could use Moncrief too.

Any way back to the immediate problem, Hall may well be the best option for the 4 especially when playing zone defense. He clearly is the best scorer of the other players. He is aggresive on defense and good on the boards. The problem is that if you use Hall at the 4 , the only guard depth is Jones. If his shot is falling, he could spell Barford, Macon, and Beard. Jones is still a liability on defense and weak on the dribble.

The current 4’s ,Bailey, Cook, and Gabe O are only going to give you some rebounding and defense with very little point production. They are going to play some because we don’t have the quality depth at this position. Thompson must sub for Gafford so he can’t play a lot of minutes at the 4. The bottom line is that the 4 has been an obvious weakness since Harris graduated.

Barford,Macon,Gafford and even Beard are all solid SEC players. Macon and Ba4ford are all SEC and Gafford all freshman so we are a good to very good team. The 4 will be a problem until we get some better players. Depending on the draw and which Hog team shows up, we could have a good run in the NCAA. WPS

It will be a matchup deal!
If we are wishing for players just suit up Modica and give Joe a call! They would look good with Corliss and Sid.

I believe Garland not being cleared to play hurt more than we all realize. The 3 senior guards played too many minutes this year and when your tired you make mistakes! Poor passes and soft with the ball!

On a day of rest the hogs can hang with any team in the country! Just get to the second weekend this year that’s an improvement of where I thought they would end up after the second LSU loss!

We will know that matchup tomorrow evening.