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Never fear about the commitments. This group is well-bonded, led by Connor Noland and Bumper Pool, two of the best recruiters any team could want. There are a few specials still out there. Dunlap is one. But the most important has to be the QB st Earle, Ark., Gerry Bohanon. If Gerry was in Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta he would be the No.1 ranked QB. I think the Hogs sre gonna get him. He likes what the Arkansas coaches have told him their plans are. The plans are to have multiple offensive schemes that will put previous multiple schemes to shame. Okay, what about these last three games? I think Hogs will win at least two and maybe all three. Watch for increased role for De’Vion Warren. He averaged more than 300 yards a game in high school last year, split about evenly between passing and running. We could be seeing him doing some of the kind of stuff they are doing at Auburn. There is one thing in particular but I won’t say what it is. For sure the Hogs have the best play-maker in the SEC in T.J. Hammonds. Warren is fixing to give them the top two. Stay tuned for more, but first try to ignore Wally Hall.

Hog2009…thanks for the laugh. I sure need it after watching the game yesterday. :smiley:

If the hogs beat Moo U I like their chances of beating Misery. But LSU looked pretty good last night against Bama.
I always hope our hogs win.
I will say this. Hayden, Warren and Hammonds have speed all 3 of them and they can make plays. But we have a power back in Whaley that just needs a good Oline to run behind. Jones on the outside is not slow by any measure. He also can make plays. We are not short on offense. Defense is where our hogs need to improve.

Gooden was at Kentucky this weekend and he is now admitting to some that he is decommitted

I would put our chances of winning out at about 5%. Winning two of the last three? About 10%. I like the positive spin, but this team will be lucky to win one of the remaining games.

OK, Hawginator, who will be the new head coach?

09…that is funny! :smiley:

Who is reporting this? SDS released a statement about him with a Tweet he had said. Dudley already addressed the Tweet, he was posting song lyrics. Heck he tweeted yesterday about the Hogs basketball team. Can’t see a kid who decommitted bragging about the schools athletic program.

I don’t have any inside information on who the new coach might be, but I do know this – if Jeff Long makes the hire there’s a good chance it won’t be an improvement.

Like I said in another post, everybody is covering their bases.

Just replied in that post as well.

Love what TJ did last Saturday.

But that was against Coastal Carolina.

While I think he should and will get more touches this week, let’s see what he does against a real SEC defense before naming him the biggest threat in the SEC.