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Auburn entered yesterday’s game with the nation’s #30 passing efficiency defense, playing at their place (#20 in passing yards allowed), at 119.6. However, KJ threw for a 162.3 efficiency rating at Auburn…… also achieving his highest QBR rating of 95.7, from over the past two seasons.

KJ is now 12th in the nation in QBR at 81.1…………really impressive against this schedule. His last two games have both produced QBRs over 90 while playing on the road.

Really enjoyable. wps


One of the traits I like about KJ is how well he plays on the road. Most of the performances I remember best from him were away from home.


The lack of defensive playmakers for Auburn yesterday was a surprise. Typically in the last ten or fifteen years they’ve had a lot of solid players and three or four guys who were going to get drafted. That defense yesterday just did not appear to be very talented or athletic.

What I love most about him is how he doesn’t risk bad throws very often, I know he lofted one up into triple coverage yesterday but that’s extremely rare.

He just has a sense of taking care of the ball…He was going to throw a screen to Knox down close to the goal line in the third quarter but he recognized the CB coming and jumping up so he faked the throw and just tucked it and ran up into the line and got his first down…Most quarterbacks would have thrown that ball before they realized that the CB was going to jump and that pass would have been batted down and it would have been fourth and 3 and we probably would have had to settle for a field goal but we went ahead on in and scored after he got the first down.

He is a very good quarterback and I love watching him play and I just hope hope he’ll come back next year but he’s going to have a decision to make.


He understands how to play the position. Few do. Taking care of the ball is pretty cool to watch and he does it so well.

As I recall, that was a free play; Auburn had jumped offside or something. You can try that kind of throw on free plays because you know a pick will be called back, and it might just succeed.

I’m not sure there’s that much of a decision to make. has him as the #13 QB prospect in the 2023 draft. This is their analysis of his weaknesses:


  • Jefferson often fails to set his feet; his stride is extremely inconsistent, leading to constant accuracy problems.
  • Has struggled with his decision-making and needs to improve his pre-snap recognition skills to read defenses and see blitzes. Doesn’t decipher information as quickly as you would like, but does see the entire field and understands coverage.
  • Jefferson often plays out of control. His mechanics are sloppy, particularly his footwork, and his decision making is suspect.

One more note. There were only 9 QBs taken in the entire 2022 draft, which does not bode well for a player ranked #13 at his position. Yes, it only takes one team to like you, but…

I’m not sure the Aubie DC would concur with any of those “weaknesses”.

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KJ will have a nice core group of skill position players and OL to work with in 2023. There will be an opportunity to build his resume a bit if he returns, vs. trying to catch on as a very low draft choice/free agent if he leaves.

He probably will be better off coming back, and likely will do okay on NIL money to tide him over his senior year. Not as good as Rocket, I’d guess, but okay.

Those are fair comments on KJ but he also can change a game because he is unique physical presence to deal with. I do think his best skill set is to assess the whole field. I think he is beginning to understand the how and when he does those things. I think another year with his supporting cast would be very helpful to his development if he wants to play professional football. CFL still might be his best avenue given style of play up there…

Speaking of Hog QBs in the pros, Feleipe Franks got a little unwanted air time Sunday. He baited a Carolina guy into pushing him after a kickoff return and did an OM style flop trying to draw a penalty. But the official saw the whole thing and threw the flag on Franks for unnecessary roughness.

That was a weird game anyway. Carolina completed a long TD pass to tie the game with 12 seconds left, but the guy who scored took his helmet off in the end zone, which was outlawed years ago because of Emmitt Smith. So Carolina had to try a 47 yard extra point and missed, and it went OT. Same guy missed a chip shot FG in overtime after an interception, and Atlanta kicked a FG to win.

Yeah I definitely think he needs to come back and I don’t see him get drafted until late if at all

KJ still has a lot to work on. If he comes back there’s no way Hornsby comes back. Chances of him hitting the portal go way up! I’m hoping KJ can lead our hogs to finish out these next 4 games 4- or 3-1.

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