More Gameday Issues

The Gameday folks at the UofA need to get it together. I noticed in the email this week they said the parking lots would open at 10am which I thought was odd. Sure enough, This morning, they have every entrance to every lot blocked off. I guess they didn’t want to pay the yellow vest extra hours for the late kickoff today. Everyone is having to get out of their cars and take the ropes down to get in and setup their tailgates. The lease for my spot in The Gardens says 5pm Friday to 12pm Sunday. Get it together and encourage the crowds to come early and tailgate.

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It’s not 10am yet?

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You need to look at it like the 5 o-clock Friday expression where people say it’s 5 o-clock somewhere.

Well… no matter when you arrive… it’s 10am somewhere :slight_smile:


Have fun at your tailgate.

Third world problems.

First world… Third world - safe drinking water…

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