More fun with the NCAA

A year ago the NCAA started requiring schools to give their athletes the first Tuesday after Nov. 1 off, since that is the usual Election Day. Hopefully to allow them to go vote, but at least to think for a little while about something other than Saturday’s football opponent or the nuances of their full court press.

And sure enough, Sam Pittman is following the rule and the Hogs get today off, even though I’m not sure any elections are being held in NWA today. But the NCAA being what it is (able to screw up things that should be idiot-proof), they left a loophole and dozens of schools charged through that loophole.

Fortunately we are coming off a bye week, so I don’t think it makes any real difference to game prep.

Agreed, and if you’re not coming off a bye week, you just practice on Monday instead of Tuesday, or whatever. They’re required to give the guys a day off anyway; just make it Tuesday this week.

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