More evidence of Bama protection

Bama RB CLEARLY fumbled the ball before knee hit the ground. At least clearly on review.

But no. Officials ruled him down, and it was apparently never even reviewed . At least they didn’t stop the clock to look. That would have been overturned for any other team.

Refs just took a Miss State TD back with a totally phantom block in the back call. The TV guys are even shocked.

State guy didn’t even touch the Bama guy.

In fact when the Ms St player saw the ref 5 yards away in front of him he made a point to throw his hands up & even stopped running. Wasn’t even close.
That fumble was very clear to, somebody in press box for Ms St should have spoke up.

it’s ridiculous…don’t need any help but get it every week.

Bad officiating is not just an SEC phenomenon. Zebras gave Boise a first down that allowed them to run out the clock on Fresno – even though Boise had gained 9.97 yards, not 10.

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