More encouraging news about the LR district

Shows what I know about judging high school football talent. I sat in the bleachers at LRCH and watched my alma mater get humiliated by Bryant and I didn’t see one single player for the Tigers who impressed me in the least bit.

When you get drilled like that it’s hard for anyone to impress.

While true, I remember watching a Bama game this past season and an opposing coach was quoted as saying someting like “play your best against the best. The scouts are not going to look at tapes of you against sorry teams. The first tape they’re going to pop in to scout you is our game against Bama.”

Won’t disagree there. But when you get overwhelmed in so many areas it’s hard for a RB to look good. You can look at linemen more as an individual vs a position that relies so heavily on others to execute their assignments.

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