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Paperclip U running back Rodney Anderson investigated for rape; prosecutors decided not to file charges (not a huge surprise). The woman was concerned enough that she filed an emergency protective order to keep him away from her.

Sometimes I think OU requires a criminal record for its recruits. There was an old joke that the way OU got recruits to sign with them is to give each of them their own convenience store to rob.
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Jim Bo has moved his criminal enterprise to Aggie land to get close to the Sooners.
I guess Bob S. Taught Lincoln Riley well.
He is following his mentors path. He learned from a hall of shamer.

Yeah, OU seems to have more criminal issues that come to light in the media. But they’ve got a football program and winning tradition that most of us would jump over the moon for. Far superior to anything Arkansas has ever had.

The reality is that if you want to win football games – especially in the south, where public education is mostly horrible and single parenting is more of the norm – you have to take chances on guys that may not be solid citizens and that are academic risks. I am anxious to see if Coach Morris recognizes that. I suspect he does. We might see an uptick in academic casualties and arrests, etc. But that will go with the territory (to an extent) if we truly want to win. This isn’t Utopia – it’s college football. See it for what it is.

Recruit thugs. Pay them well. Classic win-at-all-costs mentality. Which is exactly what Jeff Long was talking about. I understand that in a group of105 males aged 18-23, some of them will get into trouble occasionally. But you don’t want a pattern of lots of people in lots of trouble. At least I don’t. OU doesn’t seem to care. Auburn doesn’t either. If that’s what it takes to win 12 games, I’ll take 8 or 9 the right way, thank you.

I beg to differ. So does Barry Switzer, who famously said that if Norman, Okla., wasn’t a two-hour drive from North Texas (and it’s treasure trove of high quality football players) it might be no more than Kansas or Iowa State when it comes to football tradition. A lot of OU’s problems of the past took place because of the permissive nature of the program on campus. There appears to be still some of that lingering.

“Which is exactly what Jeff Long was talking about.”

And which, in part, is exactly what got Jeff Long fired.

Look, I’m an adult and I’d like to think I have some perspective. In reality, except for several more wasted Saturday afternoons and brief fits of irrational anger, the fact the Hogs have been mediocre to bad since Petrino was fired hasn’t changed by life any. Yeah, I may stir it up on message boards some, but that’s just that. Life is good. If someone (including you, the new AD and/or Coach Morris) wants to keep recruiting “good guys” and only winning 6, 7 or 8 games a year, then so be it. I’ll still be a Hog fan.

But if fans on this board and throughout the state really want Arkansas to win 9, 10, or 11 games, even occasionally, then more of the OU/Auburn mentality will be necessary. I agree they are similar.

It’s a matter of choice. It will be interesting to see how much emphasis is placed on winning football.

Clemson seems to do a little better job than OU of keeping the problems down to an acceptable level, so it can be done.

It’s a different world today than when Barry Switzer was running the asylum in Norman. Lots and lots of things that would never have made the light of day even ten years ago are potential problems for schools now. You have to be a little more careful now about who you recruit, that’s just the way things are. No one wants their school to be the next Baylor.

Still, they don’t have to be Boy Scouts to play college football. I think the previous HC maybe was a little too cautious at times about character issues. I think what you have to do is look at the known facts on a case-by-case basis and make a decision on those facts, and you have to divorce those facts from the guy’s football talent.

But you don’t want thieves, rapists or drug addicts/dealers.

You do have to be more careful about who you recruit. Fifty years ago, maybe the police look the other way when a football player gets in trouble, or handle it with a late night call to the coach instead of an arrest. In Norman, maybe that’s still the case. But it sure isn’t in Fayetteville.
You don’t want players raping coeds, or holding up gas stations, or beating up pizza delivery men (something that happened with a player in the Holtz era). You particularly don’t want, again, lots of players with criminal defense attorneys on speed dial in their phones.

It is utterly shocking that anyone…ANYONE…would defend programs with alot of criminal activity.

Is winning THAT important? If it is…then the person that feels that way needs to evaluate THEIR life. Not calling out anyone specific.

And don’t raise kids. Please.

I don’t want to see jail birds playing for the Razorbacks. There’s a difference between possession of alcohol and rape! Violent crime is unacceptable period.
You can win the right way. Winning is nice but I want to see it happen with a little respect.