More controversy for Petrino

Did he know a Louisville player was already accused of rape when he let him play in a game Oct. 13?

To make it even better, same player was arrested Oct. 15 for holding a gun to a different woman’s head.

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Maybe Baylor will hire him. He would fit in their culture perfectly.

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Seems to me he is in a like situation. If he were at Baylor I would be thinking Louisville would be a good place he could land.

CBP is in trouble

He keeps burning bridges

Rumors are the New President is “going” to clean up the toxic masculine culture

Code: this behavior will not be tolerated - I suspect CBP is already interviewing

I’m sure BP’s brash overbearing persona is wearing thin with Lville brass. Now this latest issue plus his W-L record lately.
Probably secretly or not so secretly interviewing at Auburn again, lol.

Meanwhile Wake Forest spanking Lville 35-14 midway thru 2nd qtr.

Petrino is like a gallon of milk – great when fresh but things go sour quickly.

If Wake wins today UL will be the only winless team in ACC conference play.