More Chase Hayden video from The Opening … o-opening/

People can criticize this kids 40 time all day long, I don’t care if it’s a 4.47 or a 4.6 or whatever, but Chase has football instincts that are off the charts.
His stutter step and stop n go to full speed are amazing and he has good hands. Now if he has vision like Alex Collins in finding the cracks and patience to follow his blockers he will make an immediate impact on our or any program.
His pedigree tells me he already has all of the above and I believe his Dad knows our program is where it can all get fine tuned.

The articles all seem really positive on the Hogs, but I can’t help think that it will be very difficult to keep him from choosing Tennessee in the end. Any thoughts from DD or RD?

His dad IS not pushing him to Tennessee. Call is all Chase’s.