More changes coming?

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A lot to digest in that article. Hiring dedicated recruiting coaches I think would go a long way to enhance quality of life for assistant coaches. They would still recruit but would have to be on the road a lot less and be able to spend more time with their families.

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One name stood out in that article…Julie Cromer. I wouldn’t let her run a Subway (no offense to Subway), much less help determine the future of the NCAA. Maybe “left lane, hammer down” was just a fever dream…nope.


I don’t know if she is good at her job or not, but I don’t think she made any decisions on the firing or hiring. She was doing exactly what she was told to do. Nothing more, nothing less (that is my opinion, I have NO inside info),


Julie was in an impossible situation. The BOT kneecapped her. If there was anyone good interested in the job after BB got fired, they weren’t going to take it not knowing who the AD was going to be. So we wound up with Chud.


Apparently, you forgot about her ridiculously confident declaration that she was gonna “run point” on the football hire, because she had done the same thing at that football powerhouse known as Indiana. I met her once. She made Jeff Long seem competent.


WTH did you expect her to say? That’s like a new football coach who doesn’t predict he’s going to win and win big.

And “run point” doesn’t sound to me like a declaration that she’s going to hire the next Nick Saban.

I’m guessing you never met her, Jeff. If you had, you might agree with my take.

I still think she made NO decisions. Could be wrong. She may be incompetent, I don’t know. But I firmly believe she made zero decisions as to the firing of BB or to the hiring of the idiot.

No I never met her. But whether you like her or not has no bearing on her competence.

Yes. I really suspect she was told what to say about running point. And firing Bielema, etc. She presided over a very bad and very weird brief era in Razorback athletics. I suspect very little of it is her fault, despite the fact she’s an easy target.

She was eaten alive by Sexton on Chad’s contract. Has nothing to do with liking and everything to do with competence.

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Sexton has demolished a lot more experienced ADs than that (see Lane Kiffin at Ole Miss). Keep trying, Larry. Just think if she’d punted Chad because of Sexton and got somebody even less qualified (I know that’s difficult to imagine)

I yield to your vast training and expertise…lol.

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Ouch, that will leave a mark but I agree. The Morris hire will live in infamy. I thought the firing of Jack Crowe after one game would have that honor but she managed to get the brass ring.

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I doubt Julie had much blame in the Morris hire. Everyone, including her, knew she was just an interim. I agree with Greg. Perhaps she is a totally incompetent AD, but I’m not sure anyone could have done much in her situation. Even if she had total control over the hire, I doubt she could have had any idea how bad Morris would be. He was reasonably successful in his short time at SMU and he’d been quite successful as the Clemson OC–although he might have gotten credit there he didn’t deserve.

Anyway, I’m glad she’s gone. Thrilled Morris is gone. Glad Beilema is gone. Hate that Petrino had no better judgment than to run that motorcycle into the ditch with a girlfriend on back. All those things combined to give us a terrible decade of Razorback football. Fortunately, despite all that–or maybe because of it–we might have landed the best coach in America for our situation.


He was fired after the first game of his third year, not after one game.

2+ seasons | 1990-92
Arkansas’ final head coach of the Southwest Conference era, Jack Crowe
directed the Razorbacks to a 14-13 win in their last meeting with rival
Texas as league foes and an Independence Bowl berth in 1991.

Thanks for correcting that . I knew his tenure but firing him after one game with two year experience at that time was unheard of in college sports at that time.

It was completely unheard of at the time and I thought it was a bad idea for Broyles to do it. I thought he should have waited until the end of the season. Since then it’s become common. Looking back, I don’t think that decision hurt us. If anything, we screwed up when we hired him. Probably should have sucked up the losses in the recruiting class and tried to hire a more competent coach. However, that’s been so long ago, I can’t remember what kind of options we’d have had. Either way, Razorback football suffered several bad years. It looked like Nutt was going to turn it around & sort of did that for a while. No need to re-hash all that, though.

Throw in the 1969 Texas Game and the Hawgs Football program has had it moments when you think back about all of the highlights and lowlights. Gotta enjoy the present while it lasts.