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Just idle speculation here, but still a point or two worth pondering…

ESPNs cash cow the NFL is taking a monster hit on rating share
and hitting record lows. ESPN has already over the last year or
so cut ties with many longtime highly paid members of their team
to try and help the money crunch from an ever tightening belt.
Its no secret they seem to be hemorrhaging money.

Now with that premise in mind, would it surprise me that Gruden
might not see the writing on the wall and realize his 6.5M dollar
pricetag could make him a target to get shipped out sooner rather
than later. Now might be the perfect time to get back into Coaching.
Tennessee is his old alma mater and lets say a 5 year 6M dollar deal
might look like a more long term gig than what might be on the
horizon at ESPN.

Granted this is all speculation, but I feel Tennessee at this point in
time is more of an option than any other place or time we have
heard his name pop up over the years. Still think its slim, but I
do think its more possible than its ever been.

You know, I really kinda hope that the shark jumps this time, and I’ll tell you why; because I don’t think Gruden would win big at Tennessee.

They guy is a NFL coach; I can’t really see him being enthusiastic about recruiting 17 year olds at this state of the game. Yes - he’s a “name”; and “yes”, he’s been a good HC - but I just don’t see the fit.

He’d come in for $6-7 million a year for 4-5 years, and then they’d be on to the next coach. Depending on who Florida ends up hiring, he MIGHT win one SEC East title in that time. That’s not enough for Vol fans, who are starving for an overall SEC title and CFP berth. I don’t see that happening with Gruden.

I’d luv too see it. Just to see what happens. Kelly at Florida, Gus comes to the Hogs, stick Petrino at Auburn, Jimbo to the Aggies…Fun stuff.

Spent dinner next to a bog Tenn donor who has his name on a football facility. He thinks they will get Gruden.