More Baylor news

Admittedly, I’m not surprised by much of what I read, but I continue to be at several stories that comes out about that football program. Here’s is today’s on another Title IX lawsuit and some pretty sickening accusations within it: … user-share

That’s gruesome & disgusting. If true there needs to be prison, a large civil recovery, and some real introspection at Baylor. Other schools & coaches need to notice.

Can only read the first sentence without logging in.

I guess the part of this story that continues to surprise me is that Art Briles thinks he did nothing wrong. I am pretty sure that he knows that he’s not going to coach again.

Even more details…warning…DISGUSTING. … l-players/

Briles deserves some prison time, and not the federal country club variety. I’m talking Huntsville. We all know what happens in places like that. I wouldn’t feel sorry for him.

Good piece here from Andy Staples on why the NCAA essentially is toothless on the Baylor scandal: … th-penalty

And I rememebr some Razorback fans insisting we hire Art Briles. Dang happy we didn’t.

Baylor deserves death penalty with no parole.

That Board knew, and they are still protecting themselves and scandal can not go away.

Jail is too good for encouraging rape and playing known rapists.

I am always amazed when these revelations become public that Baylor is the largest Baptist university. How hipocritical does this make them as an institution.

This ain’t nothing new. The Right Rev. Grant Teaff always had the dirtiest team in the SWC, if not the entire country. Cheap shots on Saturday, pass the collection plate on Sunday. (See: Ronnie Lee on Steve Little)