More allegations against Kansaw

Old Show Cause Self was a naughty boy.

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Sure he’s guilty!

Pure Old Bill Self slips slides atop that pedestal…of course, it remains said that everybody did it. It is no wonder those tennis pumps cost so much…

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Need a corroborating witness.

But anyway, as we relax drug laws on weed and pardon past convictions, what does NCAA do with these cases with the new NIL benefits?

The NCAA does nothing as usual. They look the other way. Fact of life.

Speaking of which, Kansaw and the Corndogs have both had their final hearings before IARP, which will then shut down. LSU (case involving both football and basketball) should be resolved this summer, Kansas before the start of basketball season.

The LSU case involves the guy who stole from a hospital to pay a football player, and, of course, the Strong Ass Offer.

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