More 2020 weirdness

Partly due to COVID, partly due to a historically bad team. Michigan has won more college football games than any other school; they lead Ohio State by 30+. The Wolverines have been playing football since 1879 and keeping track of home and away records since 1883. In all that time, Michigan has never gone winless at home. Until now. The cancellation of their game with Maryland means they won’t win a game in the Big House in 2020 – unless they get a home game rescheduled on Dec. 19, and win it. Which the way they’re going is no sure thing.

Right now, we’re tied for 32nd with Sam Pittman’s alma mater, Pittsburg State, with 717 wins. Eight schools ahead of us are FCS or lower, so that’s 24th in FBS history. And the best I can tell, we’ve never gone winless at home.

Only because we pulled the plug early on Jack Crowe and Chad Morris.

Crowe was 9-15 and reached a bowl game at UA. He probably deserved to get fired after Citadel, but let’s not pretend that he was a Morris-level horrible coach.

Had Morris stayed and we played the schedule as it was drawn up before the pandemic, we probably go 2-10, maybe 3-9. But that would have included home wins against Nevada, ULM and Charleston Southern. Do we win a conference game? Might have beaten Tennessee as screwed up as they are this year, possibly Moo U.

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There have been a few instances in which Arkansas didn’t win a game in Fayetteville, but won a home game in Little Rock.

When? I can’t say I went through 125 complete seasons but I couldn’t find one.

Never mind, I found the list. 1906, 1932 and 1952 (I dug out the 2004 media guide, which had the year-by-year home records; I don’t know if they still include that or not).

A long time ago: 1906, 1932 and 1952.

If Morris stayed, Franks wouldn’t be here and I bet the Hogs would have lost them all.


No, Franks wouldn’t be here, but that’s irrelevant. Charleston Southern is a bad program even by the standard of rent-a-wins. They were 6-6 at the FCS level last year in a weak FCS conference. Jack Lindsey could beat them as a starting QB. And ULM can’t beat anyone. Not only are they winless, they’ve only had one game closer than 18 points.

If Morris were still here & we played our pre-pandemic schedule, we might have won 2 or 3 of those NC games, but no SEC games. Had he stayed this year, we’d be 0-8 right now. We would not have beaten MSU, OM, or TN. I’m convinced of it even if there’s no way to prove it.


You could be right or wrong. But I’m convinced our Oline play under Morris was horrendous and getting worse. Our D was horrible with many of the same players. We barely beat Portland State last year.

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I was at that game. I’ve never been so disappointed or worried following a win, but that one seemed ominous to me. Still, I didn’t dream it would be as bad as it got.


Arkansas should volunteer to play them in the Big House. Pay back for cancelling the series.

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This would be awesome, but of course it isn’t going to happen. Still, I like your thought process here.

Flew out from Ca for the Western Kentucky game…Mercy

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If Morris had been given another year, then he would have been fired after the Notre Dame game when the Irish beat him, 60-0.

Or fired after Nevada beat him by 29 or 39 or 49 - 0.

ULM is in the Bottom 10 as Number 1:

1. ULM (pronounced “uhlm”) (0-9)

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This is quite possible. Ian Book would have shredded us.

One thing I’ve thought about. Nick Starkel has played very well at San Jose State, completing 70% of passes for 9 TDs with only two picks. Is it slightly possible he would have gotten it together for a second year here? … Nah, probably not.

It may be about the quarterback coach.

I don’t know why I find it annoying because I have no dog in the hunt, but ULL co-opting the name “Louisiana” as if it’s the main state university while poor ULM that was created at the same time & part of the same system has to be “ULM”