Moousa Cisse

Have the Hawgs shown any interest in this “big” from Oklahoma State" ?

Yes, but he probably has to sit a year, so I’m not sure how much interest

There are several in the portal that have already transferred. For example, Kentucky’s CJ Frederick who committed to Cincy. They seem to believe he will be eligible immediately. There is sone confusion about this. Is there a specific date by which you have to enter the portal to be eligible immediately?

To my knowledge, a second-time transfer such as Fredrick (note the spelling) will need an NCAA waiver, unless they have graduated. Fredrick is 23, however, and may have his degree. The NCAA says these are the requirements that must be met for the waiver:

“An undergraduate transfer waiver will only be considered for student-athletes who transfer for reasons related to the student-athlete’s physical or mental health and well-being; due to exigent circumstances outside the student-athlete’s control (e.g., physical or sexual assault or discrimination based on a protected class); or assertions involving diagnosed education impacting disabilities.”

I don’t think a lot of people are going to meet those requirements to get the waiver.

CJ must have graduated then.

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