Moore's hard work paying off (story) … rk-paying/

Why haven’t we offered this kid already??

I wouldn’t say he’s an offer guy right now. He could work his way that direction this summer. The athleticism is there, but he needs to keep improving his game

Guess I’m thinking of moody

He’s had an Arkansas offer for awhile.

I’m confused, has this kid heard work, or is he a hard worker. I hate spell check :wink:

Not following you.


Not following you.

[/quote] The title of the thread says “heard” instead of “hard”.

2020 is sooooooooo loaded!!




I didn’t want to say something, but I thought he may have said something special that paid off.

It is. Moore is a 2019 guy, though.


So what if I added an E there. lol


It’s all good if you get paid by the letter :smiley: