Moore to Auburn

I guess It “paid off” to visit Auburn last.

Wow didn’t expect that. This one hurts.

I wonder how much $$$$ he got?

Well RD, I’m very disappointed in him but not surprised when dealing with coaches like Pearl. Who’s next in line for the good guys?

Jaylin Williams and KK.

Is Maupin at today’s game?

Is Jaylin at today’s game?

RD,How confident should we be in Jaylin and KK calling the Hogs!

Don’t think we should be worried about KK. But as I mentioned in other posts, we should be very worried about Jaylin.

PJ, to tell you the truth I’m just about to the point that they either want to be hogs or not. I don’t like being jerked around. Muss can go get some grad tranfers.

Yeah, it is awfully frustrating. In recruiting you win some and lose some. But as you said Muss has a good backup plan with grad transfers.

Looks like Keon to Bama??

Money, money, money makes the Alburn world go.

I’d hate to lose out on Jaylin because we need his size.

Take the Chris Moore to Auburn article down and off the ticker.
He’s made his bed, let him lay in it and let’s move on from giving him any ink.

Go Hogs!


How Auburn is allowed to play basketball after the past couple years of recruiting is amazing.

This one may be legit given some Arkansas ties but Pearl seems to be living on borrowed time - if anyone with a clock cares to investigate.

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I agree take the article off the board. Tired of seeing it!


I 3rd that… remove it, send to the Auburn board


Memphis must be in a state of shock getting outbid like that…

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