Moore & Ambrose-Hylton?

Moore is announcing Sat and Keon is announcing less than 24hrs later. I still don’t have a good feel for if this is an either/or deal. Is a spot for Keon contingent on Moore’s decision? If Moore picks Memphis are we expecting Keon to then pick us?

Moore also needs to consider Memphis just played an ineligible player and today decided to hold him out!
I think Moore will be a hog! I could be wrong but that’s my opinion.
On Ambrose-Hylton if he chooses the hogs too that could be putting a squeeze on how many of the Arkansas players we sign! I really hope we get the home grown players!

Dudley, Richard…any insight?

Feel like this question is being ignored.

Sometimes, they know more than they can say on a board like this…before a commitment announcement.

Not saying that is absolutely the case here, but it well might be. Guess we’ll know tomorrow.

Moore has gotten a crystal ball to Auburn. Tomorrow should be fun.

Has Moore given a time for tomorrow?

Expecting Arkansas for Moore and elsewhere for Ambrose.

Will you be there tomorrow RD?

Changing my mind. Not feeling Arkansas as much for Chris.


What changed? Is it Memphis or Auburn in your opinion? I’m guessing Memphis, which would make sense based on where he lives. If it’s Auburn, do the math. Either one of those schools is precariously close to NCAA sanctions. Still hoping he picks the Hogs, but if he doesn’t, please Muss bring Isaac home! You can never have too many lights out guards in college basketball.
Go Hogs!

Not picking Arkansas at this time.

It’s auburn and we all know why. Pearl is the scum of the Earth. Chris seems like a good kid but this is a terribly dumb decision. You can’t outbid Auburn and Pearl though.

I really believe if it’s not us, it’s Memphis. Moore, for all intents and purposes, basically lives in Memphis. I will begrudgingly understand if he picks them. If he picks Auburn, the fix is in, and Muss should contact the NCAA. I don’t get the impression that Muss will let himself get Reggie Perry-ed.

Well I hope he knows the number because it’s happening.

The NCAA isn’t done with Pearl either!
I don’t understand parents not letting their kids know just how much of a dirt bag Pearl is! Memphis will be getting a hit from the NCAA too!

Personally, I’m ecstatic if Isaac is going to be a Razorback. I really hope he will somehow be eligible in the fall semester, but if not, he’ll be able to practice in the fall and play in Jan.

He will give the Hogs 4 outstanding shooters for the SEC games, if Joe returns. Joe, Jones, Moody, and McBride wow. This would sure take the sting out of losing Moore, if that is to be.

100%. Guards are paramount in college basketball. How many sleepless nights will a lineup of Connor and 4 snipers bring to next year’s opposition? Sign me up. I’m here for it and hope I see it. Go Hogs!

Does your change of heart on Moore change things with Ambrose-Hylton?

Not RD, but no