What has happened?

He looks slow.

He’s just so deep in his head, he’s lost all confidence in every phase of his game. He’s a shell of the player he was in the regular season.

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Better give some credit to the athletes on that other side.


He’s gott he Moody blues. On the bright side, maybe. Just maybe. He comes back for another year.

He could ever do it off the bounce much. High seeded tourney teams play real defense. He can’t handle being guarded by tough defenders. He’s got some soul searching to do. He needs to get physically stronger and some dog in him.

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Nice year as a freshman. My opinion - 1. His handle is lacking. Watch the last few games and you’ll notice other teams attempted to take the ball.

  1. Self Checks - that’s what we called it at the park - dribble and fake. Notice in the latter part of the season - no bites. Dribble to middle - fake - then pass out.

  2. Unable to create his own shot. See #2.

Not trying to be ugly - just an honest assessment.

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I would love for him to come back. But if he’s a lottery pick, then I understand completely why he would leave.

He had a stellar regular season. We would all be pleased to see Moses in a UofA uniform next year.

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I’m just glad he played for us.

He’ll figure it out. Had to be really tough for him.


I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again…
What about Moody’s game says 1st rider let alone lottery?
He cannot create AT ALL, his handle is lacking and he not exactly athletic.

If Moses is still projected to be in the top 10, he needs to go. Take that money.

I think we should say a big thank you to moody and his family for choosing Arkansas. Kid let the game come to him all year long. He was never its all about me. He was all about team. Says a lot about him and how he was raised. He led us to an unexpected elite eight appearance. Class kid.



Totally agree. He’s all class! Keeps his mouth shut and just plays. I’m sure he will do whatever is best for him and he he should. I’m glad I got to watch him this year.


Right now, I don’t think he’s a lottery pick, but I could be wrong. The weakness in hIs overall game was exposed at the tournament. I’m sure the pro scouts noticed.

The fact is that Moody had a great season that is going to make him a first rounder. If he wants to come back, selfishly, I would love it. But he’s going pro and I wish him well. He’s all Razorback!


The pro scouts knew his weaknesses before the tournament. They know what they’re doing.

They’ll fix his handle, he’ll keep getting better as a shooter, and he’ll be an effective 3&D player for 10+ years in the NBA.


Yes. One thing for sure, if he hadn’t had the regular season he had, we would never have had an opportunity to make this great NCAA Tourney run to the Elite Eight.

So, he had a sub-par tournament. It happens to lots of great players, especially freshmen. I wish him only the best in the NBA.

I totally agree with all the positive comments about Moses. It’s just sad to realize where we could be if he’d played up to his very high standards in the tournament.

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Yea well a lot of teams are out of the tourney meant because their stars didn’t show up. If everyone shines probably a lot different tourney

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