Moody to arkansas

yes. Big get

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Oh Happy Day!

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Fabulous! 2 /5 of the way to glory!

It turns out there’s good news for hog fans after all! Huge commitment. Now wait until he signs.

While it’s better to have him committed than not, based on my experience with recruiting, I’m not getting too excited until he signs a LOI or steps on the BWA floor in a Hog uniform. Hopefully he is for real but commitments these days just mean they might come, or not.

Amazing job by Muss coming in late. Nice. The pro talk works with today’s kids. Now we have a chance to fight off Coach Cal, if necessary.

Still worried about the other three. Any news on Big Will’s visit?

Enjoy the moment. No sense in being a downer. Go hogs

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WPS…good to have great news.

Awesome! Hope he sticks with it and comes and brings others like him with him

Sounds like he might sign early. He’s going to talk to his dad.

Lets hope so.

With Moody on board, what about the other Arkansas boys of the “Arkansas 5”

Welcome Mr Moody, Thanks for choosing the Hogs! WPS

Boom! GHG

The dream is to have a bunch of really good Arkansas kids lead us back to being a college hoops power again. This group could do it if they decide to.

Would be awesome!

Ok Richard. Now I’ve gone from really happy to downright giddy!

Great news for the Basketball program!
If he will stick with the commit and get his pals Williams, Moore, Robinson and possibly McBride to join him we may get to where we want to be.
Take all five, the numbers will work themselves out.

Go Hogs!

Is there video of his commitment?