Moody shows maturity as Razorbacks remain unbeaten (story)

is moses our best frosh since Bobby P? he was just so impressive last night. he never looks hurried or rushed, never seems to force anything, just sooooo smooth on the jumper. Then you look up and he somehow has 17 points, 5 reb, 2 blocks, couple assists and NO turnovers. finished with 21, and never forced anything. Efficient!!!

kinda reminds me of Dell Curry, just so smooth.


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I agree…he’s our best recruit in awhile. :+1::+1:

No doubt. I was pretty sure he would start and be a very good player for us. He’s taken it to another level, I didn’t expect.

I know some posters, especially one, were all over me, but this is why I was hoping either Mason or Isaiah declare for the draft and make room for Moses to become a Razorback. It would have been painful for me to see him in another uniform. I am not surprised by his maturity or production,

If that is directed toward me, I will stick by what my original point was. That was there was room for everybody under the tent and if that had factored into his camp’s decision and he “left” Arkansas after signing, I would not have viewed that or the camp favorably.

As I said back then, it appeared you were rooting for Joe and/Jones to leave in what would be best for Moses, not the team IMHO.

Same as my thoughts on Rakeem Boyd’s opt out late.

It can be about the individual while still inside the team concept.

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I really like Moody but at this time I don’t see him as a 1st round pick just yet. I love his composure and ability to shoot the 3 but IMO needs to get better on defense and be able to attack the rim better. I think he can get there but will need another year to really enhance his skills. He may take off when we start SEC play and make me change my mind but right now I’m looking for him to stay at least 2 years.

No, you didn’t get after me as much as someone else. Also, I was rooting for either Mason or Joe to leave, not both. Really Mason since he declared first and I always thought Isaiah would stay. Just to clarify.

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