Moody’s midrange game

I had posted before that I was led to believe that Moody has improved his athleticism significantly over the summer and that I had seen very little if any, improvement.

But what I am seeing significant improvement in is the midrange game. I had not seen that at Parkview or NLR or in AAU games or in the televised Monteverde games. There he was more of a spot up deadeye long range shooter. Just in yesterday’s game, I loved those few dribble into the lane, rise and throw in a half jumper, half floater. Plus he is showing more desire to drive to the hoop. This along with rest of his midrange game puts him a few steps above a sophomore Isaiah and I can see why NBA draft forecasts put him anywhere between a lottery pick and somewhere in the first round.

I think we should stop talking about Moody’s athleticism. It is what it is. But he can improve significantly as a scorer. Next, I would like to see some off the dribble jumpers, even threes like Todd Day. Heck Todd even shot turn around threes.

Usually scoring averages for freshmen fall once the conference play starts. I expect Moody to maintain or even stretch it a bit. He is special.

What I really like about Moses is his demeanor during a game. At one point yesterday Muss was on him hard after a timeout. He looked coach in the eye, no bad body language, no pouting and just played through it.

Someone the other day mentioned a comparison to Joe Johnson. Joe and Moses both seem to just go about their business. Not a lot of flash but they get the job done. I still don’t see Moses as a one and done. I would love to see him play his sophomore season without all the covid restrictions(if possible).

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Personally I’m pleasantly surprised by Moodys play so early. Not that I didn’t think he would emerge as a good player but more so how quickly he has adjusted to the college game and plays under control.

You’re about the only one who keeps talking about Moody’s athleticism. Just sayin’. :grin:

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Really, how athletic was Reggie Miller?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, I noticed that yesterday too. 2 or 3 really nice 12 to 15 foot pull up shots. They were not, what you sometimes see, 2 or 3 bounces and fall in the bucket mid range shots. They were nothing but net.

Even when his 3 is not falling, teams are still going to crowd him at the 3 point line, making it easier for him to drive around them and hit a nice mid range shot. Those makes can also get him some more room on his 3s and they’ll start falling.

I expected Moses to be a very good player for us, but like others, I’m pretty amazed at how quickly that transpired. I’m anxious to see if he can maintain this when he starts SEC play and is guarded by 2s and 3s as tall, or taller than he is. I think he’ll be just fine.

He certainly looks athletic enough. When you add in his mad skills and basketball savvy, you’ve got a special player. I guess we better enjoy him while we have him.

Just my 2 cents. Moody appears to be a fine young man and a great talent on the basketball court. He plays Both ends of the floor and rebounds. He had a little good up yesterday on defense when ORU took the ball to hole in transition but that isn’t all bad. He will make mistakes.
His shot is pure and he can score from 3 on 2 and his free throw shot is pure! He will have some games where his shot doesn’t fall but I’m glad he is a Hog. Isn’t it nice to see top in state players stay home!

He looked Good yesterday for sure, I have said I want him to be more aggressive in driving to the basket but if he can stop and pop that will be great too

Moody isn’t Daniel Gafford in terms of athleticism, but few are. I would put him above both Mason Jones and Joe in terms athleticism, but those guys had a higher basketball savvy based on experience.

Of the rebounds and assortment of shots we’ve seen so far, athleticism isn’t an issue. He’s just a freshman and still learning the collegiate game, but I like how he attacked the glass yesterday in the 2nd half after having a less than stellar first half. Would love to see him play as a sophomore, but enjoying watching him this year if this is it.

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