Moody on Top 16 freshmen list

Can’t wait to see him at BWA.

Yes I’m really looking forward to seeing him and all the others to!!

Geez, I hope covid 19 doesn’t take my excitement for this season’s Razorback basketball team and kick it to the curb by cancelling most of the season. I believe there’s a real possibility for this team to create the same level of excitement that our 92/93 team did.

It was interesting to see the huge differences in ranking of several of those top 16 freshmen by CBS Sports and 247 Sports. I believe CBS bought 247 sports a few years ago. The biggest disparity was Moody. By the way, I agree with CBS Sports!

Haven’t been this excited for basketball in a long time. Just waiting for Isaiah to say he’s coming back for the icing on the cake.

I think Moddy’s ranking is lower for the same reasons Mason Jones and Isaiah Joe draft ranking is lower. Moses is just not as athletic and thus able to create shots for himself like the other freshmen.

Trust me, the two players that have excited me most as incoming freshmen since Joe Johnson are Gafford and Moody. But I am just being honest about Moody’s skills.

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