Moody is balling tonight

Hopefully GS will ship Poole out, and Moses can get his minutes.

So happy to see LeBron get blown out. Just found out today that he didn’t attend Pau Gasol’s jersey retirement. Classless, but not surprising. LeBron will NEVER mean to LA what Kobe did.

Rundown of what Moses did in Game 2, plus high praise from a former teammate:

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Lakers did what they came to do on this road trip. Get a split. That is all that matters. If road team wins Game 1, next game is usually a blowout. Celts blew out Sixers the night before.

LeBron was hot in the first quarter, but my man Austin shot the ball like it was the third leg of the Triathlon and it went downhill from there. Watching LeBron play it is hard to believe this is his 20th year in the Association.

Loved how Moody played. That is what he needs to do. Play fearless.

It was bronnys last highschool game and bron was injured for multiple games at that time .

Anthony Davis was of course a no show after having a big first game. The Lakers will never win this series.

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Don’t care. Sick of Bronny too.


100% agreement on this post.

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AD has been off and on alternate games. Let’s see what happens. I just want Austin Reeves and D-Lo to shoot well and we will be allright. But it will definitely end against the Nuggets for either the Lakers or the Warriors.

Bronny is coming on. He has improved so much since I saw him last. He is a different type of player than LeBron and will never be as good as his Dad. That might serve him well as comparisons will stop at sone point and alleviate the pressure.

Bronny is a top 3 shooter in the class of 2023, sneaky athletic, with a high iq, his game will translate well in college bball, but I think people will adventually stop the comparison with his dad sooner or later

That is where I saw huge improvement. In McAA game and Nike game, he couldn’t miss.

Wonder how his younger son Bryce going to turn out. Some say he is better than Bronny.