Moody has 20 points at halftime

In summer league game at Las Vegas against the Knicks. Game is on ESPN2. He’s 6-8 from the floor with a trey, 7-7 from the line.

Notae has not gotten into the game. Dubs lead 45-42.


Mid-3rd, Moody is up to 28 points, including another trey. He got fouled on another 3 attempt, making all 3 FTs.


Finished with 34


Moses is in the perfect situation, and I think he will get rotation minutes this year. Very happy for him. It was cool he was miked tonite too.

I know Nick was a huge get, but I don’t think it can be overstated how important a domino Moses was to what Muss is doing now. These are players we just didn’t get for 20 plus years.

Last thing, Moses should have been a Mickey D’s AA. There were not 25 players better than him in that class.


Moody’s chances increased since Damien Lee is no longer with GS. He was behind Lee on the depth chart.

JD was DNP. He must not be cutting it in team scrimmages.

Moses is gonna play in the NBA for a long time. He was clearly the best player on the court tonite. You won’t see him in summer league next year.

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Hopefully JD gets enough minutes to get a good offer to go overseas.

I don’t think Umude played in the Pistons first game the other night. Hopefully he gets some minutes in the next couple of games.



Microwave offense off the bench. I watched a bit of that game and he generally looked okay off ball. They had him bringing the ball up quite a bit, which may have been more a matter of the other guards were having problems with pressure defense.

He did a bad job on a turnover in the fourth quarter that got him back on the bench after only being in about a minute. Overall a very encouraging performance.

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