Moody and Portis in the NCAAs

If Moody does declare for NBA, then his career and Bobby Portis’s career ended in a similar way from personal performance point of view. Of course, from team perspective, Moody’s team went further. But the topic here is personal performance.

Bobby started showing tired legs in the SEC tournament. Although Hogs made the final of the tournament, it was Qualls who carried us more than Bobby. Tired legs continued into the NCAA tournament, where Bobby was a no show in that crucial game against North Carolina. Qualls had a career game and a normal Bobby would have put us over the top and into the Sweet 16.

Moody looked okay at SECT, but played a lot of minutes in back to back games at SECT. Then hit the wall in Indy. His jumpers kept coming up short, a clear sign of tired legs. No doubt, with a normal Moody, Hogs had a lot better shot of advancing to Final Four.

In both cases, too many minutes in the regular season is probably the root cause. However, it is very understandable why both coaches played their star player a lot of minutes.

Given this, it is remarkable how Justin Smith’s body held up, playing as many minutes as Moody and on top of that going thru a surgery and perhaps coming back sooner than he should have. Kudos to that young man. A fit young man with a bright future,


I imagine Justin is probably three years older than Moses. Baylor didn’t have any teenagers playing.

Good point. At that age, three more years of physical maturity helps. Plus having gone thru three college seasons before this also helped Justin.

It occurs to me that the surgery might be precisely why Smith held up. He got a 2.5 week break in January that the rest of the rotation didn’t.

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Great point guys!

Good point. But I do agree with the other poster that physical maturity helped. Also as I mentioned having gone thru three seasons helped. Kind of like how NBA rookies feel in their first season,

Oh absolutely the maturity helped Smith. So did the break.

It’s not a lock that it was tired legs. It very well could be. However, it also seemed like he had a rough game or two and it got in head the last two games. He looked tight on his shot, very tentative on shots, and passed up on shots that he could have taken and did take earlier in the year. It looked like some mind games going on in his head.

Obviously, it could have been tired legs as well. Just pointing out that it wasn’t solely tired legs.IMHO.

We are all speculating. Only Moody knows. But it is possible also that tired legs could lead to mind games.

Good discussion here. It’s also possible that Moody just simply had a very badly timed shooting slump. Not so much because of tired legs, but simply because his shot wasn’t falling. It happens.

He missed some shots against ORU that were just missed. 5-8 foot shots. Perhaps it was tired legs. Perhaps it was the pressure of the moment. Perhaps it was more mental than physical.

Of course physical maturity will help him going forward. But Moses is already physically advanced for his age. This slump came at the end of a 30 game season, not in the NBA playoffs after 90+ games. How many shots did Ray Allen make, or Danny Green, when they truly had tired legs?

Either way, I enjoyed watching Moody this year. I wish him the best next year, in a Hog uniform or not.

It just isn’t physical maturity. It’s experience in all ways. Moses could benefit from more maturity, but the risk reward is not that great to return.

There are those that pick the risk reward and come back. Look at baseball. Casey Opitz stuck to his number and when he didn’t get it, told the MLB teams that he was going to return to school. There is risk to doing that. So far, so good for Casey this year.

This thread is great. I was getting ready to ask about Moses over the last couple games.

Thanks for all the great information!

Main thing is we don’t get here without Moses Moody. I think most everything stated here has validation.
Also when you reach this point the opposition gets much better and much smarter. From the players and the coaches. That ORU team was impressive but also experienced. It took every ounce of energy and some great coaching by Muss to win that game.

Moody was most likely feeling the effects of a long exhausting season without even knowing it. Logged a lot of minutes in doing so. Then add to it playing against better athletes and some darn good coaches who can scheme to reduce his effectiveness.
It’s basketball and even the best can’t always be their best.
Smiths experience showed up big time with his IQ, savvy, and toughness.
Thank you Moses because we all know you gave it your best. Going to be a pleasure rooting for you at the next level.
Portis is doing just fine in the NBA and worked to elevate his game their. Moody will do the same.

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I don’t know that much about basketball, but when you mention tired legs in the tournament, don’t the pros play more games more often than in collegiate play?

I am sure you have played basketball, so this is not going to be the first time you heard this. If you noticed on most of his shots , he had trouble getting it to the rim. And the shots he did get to the rim, they were bad misses. Meaning he was launching them instead of shooting them. Clear sign of bad legs.

Moody’s shot is so pure, it will be tough for him to go into a slump, IMHO.

And they often talk about the “Rookie Wall”. It takes some time to adjust.

When you stick a 3 point shot between the rim and backboard you might be launching.

How many teams in the Elite 8 were dependent on the performance of a freshman as one of the keys to winning?

3 of them will play tonight… Gonzaga, USC, and Michigan… who are expecting big contributions by freshmen.

Very much agree. Moses is a stud and carried us a lot this season. We don’t get here without him. He is smart and athletic defensively and offensively.
I think it was tired legs and missing some shots got in his head and there were mental games on a stage this big. Either way, MM still contributed big-time defensively and even offensively even though he was missing shots.

Love MM. Pulling for him to either way (pros or return).