Moo U vs Vandy

With 6.4 seconds the ball is inbounded and goes out of bounds off of Stapleton from Moo U. A ref 30 feet behind the play blows his whistle and calls a foul. The score 79 -78. Moo U goes 1 of 2 at the free throw line and Vandy comes back and hits a three to go up 1. They put .05 back on the clock and Moo U gets beat. This helps the hogs. We need some more of this.

That was Karma in action. The foul that ref called on the Vandy player–who replays showed never touched the MSU player–had to be one of the worst calls since James Naismith hung two peach baskets on the walls of the YMCA in 1891. Most fitting that LaChance made the clutch three-pointer as time was expiring to win the game for the Commodores and break the Dogs’ heart.

That ref should be suspended for 2 games or something. What a horrible call.

So glad they lost. Hate MSU and will forever be pissed off about the Reggie Perry deal.

The refs robbed us blind in our game at MSU.
I am thrilled they lost. The cheating refs tried
to give another game to the smalldogs.

It ranks right up there with the no travel or charge in the hogs vs Tar Heels last year.
There have been a bunch of horrible calls in the last 2 weeks all in favor of blue bloods.

It got one of the six tied with AR at 6-6 out of way. Plus our win at OM, we are the lone 6th place in SEC at this time.

The hogs control their own fate just by winning each game! If they do the 4 spot in the league and the 4 seed in the SEC tournament will be theirs. What a shame those bad conference losses are. 2 to LSU and one to MooU!

absolutely. However, everyone in SEC having some of that. If we can just keep winning…

If the hogs keep winning it may move them back to the 8-9 line for the Dance. They get no respect nationally. If they win we’re to win out in conference and win at least one in the SEC tournament they should be lower than a 7 seed. We always get hosed being seeded in the Dance.