Moo U up 13 on Notre Dame at half

Of the women’s national championship game. Held ND to 17 points on 30% shooting in the first half.

I still think the coach who should never have been allowed to leave BWA is Vic Schaefer, not Gary Blair.

And Jordan Danberry’s decision to transfer to Stankville is looking pretty good right now. She has two points and two assists.

ND tied it 41-41 after three quarters. Outscored State 24-11 in the third quarter.

Because of injuries, Notre Dame has only 7 scholarship athletes on their team. They have played really tough down the stretch.

And now it is tied with 40.1 seconds left. Moo U has possession.

Irish win 61-58. Helluva shot.

Terrible no call by refs. MSU robbed!

Msu player ran over by a Mack truck right there at the end. No call.

You have to tip your hat to Arije Ogunbowale. To hit a buzzer beater three two games in a row is something else. As she said she just went into “Black Mamba” mode. I have seen Kobe do that over and over again. This girl shows the same confidence and desire to take the last shot as Kobe.

This has been one of the best women’s Final Four. Really enjoyed it. Women’s game has come a long way. Thise two Notre Dame guards Arike and Jackie Young are exactly what we want as guards on a college basketball team, men’s or women’s.

I don’t follow women’s basketball much, but I clearly thought Notre Dame was better coached than State. It seemed to me the Irish were better at playing at a faster pace and State seemed out of control when they tried to play fast. Too things that bugged me about the State’s game was their perimeter passing was not crisp, thus allowing the Irish to limit open looks on the threes and I thought the Irish consistently beat State down the court making their drives down the lane more open. The big girl from State was physically very good, but her basketball skills are still catching up, with a little better shooting from her, the game would have been out of reach.