Moo U up 12 on Kentucky

Late first half. Leghumpers are tearing UK up in the paint, 28 of their 34 points in the paint. Plus Moo U had an and-1; he missed the foul shot twice, but Kentucky had two lane violations and he finally made the third FT. You know it’s going bad when you get two lane violations on one possession.

Moo U up 14 at halftime (44-30) but they just got a T for hanging on the rim on an alley-oop dunk. Surprised Justin Smith hasn’t gotten a couple of those this year. Kentucky missed the T shot though. MSU is actually playing, UK is going through the motions.

This has been a dysfunctional Kentucky “team” all year. For one of the few times in Cals recent history, he has not been able to blend them into a team, he still has a pack of individuals. IIRC, he even had one player he had to ask to step away from the team (ie remove) because he was such a disruption. Not surprised at this point Kentucky looks like its mailing it in. I’d bet some of these players just want to get it over with and move one, cause you know they all showed up thinking they were One-and-Doners. Maybe Cal is even ready for this crop to move on and focus on the next season.

Any chance this scenario could play out in Bama’s football program? Pride goes before a fall. Probably less likely due to lack of one-and-done system. Also Saban. And there are other factors. The difference between the two games that allows small schools to be competitive being a prime example.

Well the refs called a phantom foul on Ado with Sarr hitting a jump shot! Kentucky 2 point lead then the cats hit a 3. 5 point lead and now it may be academic if the refs can save them they will!

Jellycats fall! Love seeing those long faces…

Kentucky get beat by MooU.
73 Cats
74 MooU.
It’s a good day.

At least Greaseball Cal don’t have to worry about these 5 Stars leaving early in the draft.

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Poor Geaseball . :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I’m glad the SECT this year is not the Kentucky Invitational. Seeing them lose in the first round is sweet. I hate MU, but I’m just sick of KY basketball. It’s like Alabama football. Just ready to see it fall back


Maybe SEC now will abandon their love fest with Kentucky now. But who will Fishback and cohorts talk about instead.

Knowing Fishback, we will hear how good Pearl and Auburn are,even though they aren’t there

Anytime the squid loses is a good day.

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Celebrate the day!

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