Moo U tied 5-5 with Samford in 4th

Leghumpers got a 5-0 lead on two homers including one from the guy who hit yesterday’s walk-off, Samford came back to tie in the 3rd. With Free Shoes on summer vacation, ballpark in Tallahassee is quite empty.

In other games of interest, Troy is leading Jawja 5-3 in the 5th in their winners bracket game, and the Battle of Miss is just starting – two Missouri teams (Saint Louis and the Bad Uni Bears) playing in Mississippi. SLU is up 4-0 after the top of the first.

Georgia has four homers but still trails Troy 6-5 in the sixth.

And the Bad Uni Bears trail SLU 6-3 in the second; SLU just went to the bullpen with two on and no out. This one could wind up a Big 12 football score.

How many SEC teams make it into the Super Regional round Swine.

Vandy, Florida, Georgia, Auburn, Chickens and us all have the 2-0 advantage. OM is 1-0 and plays Tennessee Tech’s mashers today. Moo U is in the regional final but has to beat the Paperclips twice. LSU will probably have to beat the Beavs twice but at least they’re done with the molester. Aggies will have to survive Indiana (down 3-0 early) and then beat the Fallopians twice. But I’d say seven in the supers is very possible, even probable.

By the way, I’m shocked to see the Fallopians have one of those no-dirt fields. The only dirt is the mound. Sliding pits and home plate area are turf. Why? I understand that to some extent in a northern climate with crappy weather well into April, like Indiana or Kentucky. Less so with Vandy. Austin? Makes no sense.

Aggies gave up 9 in the top of the first to IU. Stick a fork in Reveille.

Not so fast. Aggies have clawed back to 9-5 after 5, not the least of which is a two-double, 3-RBI afternoon by my ex’s nephew. Meanwhile the Aggie long reliever has controlled the Hoosiers after that 9-run first.